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Come and see the most famous landmarks on a Thames river cruise in London, while having the traditional afternoon, in a little bit different ay!
Also on a boat, Bridget’s Bakery offers Britain’s best-loved tradition, the afternoon tea, with a French twist.
Afternoon tea has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the
early 19th century. At the time, people could only eat twice a day: breakfast and dinner. This wasn’t enough for some.
Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford was one of these. She
found that she was a little bit peckish in the afternoon and her solution was to have a pot of tea in a light snack in a boudoir and she’d invited friends over to enjoy this. It caught on, and now the tradition can make a Thames river cruise in London even more exciting!
Bridget’s bakery offers a range of afternoon teas, from vegan afternoon tea to halal tea, vegetarian tea and gluten-free afternoon tea.
This experience has been recently voted the best hen party venue!


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